I’ve been wanting/planning to start a blog like this for  few months now, and never getting to it. Well, now it’s Asexual Awareness Week, I’ve been doing some interesting readings, and I got the spark to actually do this. So, here I am.

A short about-me: I’m a demi- and possibly pan- romantic asexual, a cisgendered female, an agnostic theist, and what I call a human-rights socialist. I believe in everyone’s right to themselves, and in everyone’s freedom of action, in that order. I try to be a good ally to people of labels I do not share, and hope to do as well as I can in that.

I think a lot, try to organize ideas a lot, and come up with analogies a lot. I hope to use this medium to put my thoughts into writing.

I wish everyone the best, and set forth to write my first actual post.

The best to everyone,



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